About EarthWise Pet

The very first thing you should understand about EarthWise Pet and its family of brands: We don’t sell pets. Instead we team up with local rescue organizations to support responsible pet adoption and pet parenting.  After all, pets are family.

We are a coalition of locally-owned and operated pet nutrition stores and pet wellness spas striving to accomplish a unified mission to better the lives of our furry family members. Our first affiliate family-owned store was opened in 1977 in Westminster, California.

Now, with over 200 locations nationwide and 40 years of experience, we have developed a service that provides a truly unique pet store experience. 

Support Small Business. Support Local.

EarthWise Pet, Nature’s Pet, Dee-O-Gee and GROOMBAR stores are locally owned and operated within your community.

Mission Statement

As the leading pet retail and service provider, we create emotional connections with our customers and their pets through best-in-class pet nutrition training, grooming services, and self wash.  After all, pets are family.