Pet Services


The grooming process can be confusing and quite scary to pets. Visiting a vet for grooming can raise a pet's stress level and agitate an animal. We take care to make your pet's experience as comfortable as possible, in a safe and pet-friendly environment and without the use of harsh chemicals or medical scents.

Home Delivery

In your busy life, sometimes you may not have time to stop by the pet store. You may have health concerns that keep you homebound and unable to retrieve the items you need. Large bags of food, cat litter, cages and other animal needs can be cumbersome and hard to carry. Why not rely on us to provide our pet-friendly courteous service right to your door? We offer home delivery to most areas within the city (at participating locations only).

Pet Self-Wash

Washing a pet in your home can be a cumbersome process for both you and your animal. You may have insufficient space to administer a proper bath, or there may be too many distractions in your home. If you're unable to wash your pet in your backyard, they can track mud and water all over your house. Home-bathing can take several hours and raise an animal's stress levels.

Rescue Events

Are you ready to add a new member to your family? If you are considering adding a pet to your home, we invite you to attend an EarthWise Pet Supply rescue event. We partner with several passionate rescue groups and no-kill shelters in the area. Our public events allow their volunteers to find the perfect home for a needy pet: yours. We only work with pet-committed groups that are 100% devoted to their animals and rescue efforts. The result is well-screened appropriate pet matching and a pet receiving their forever home.