We are Nutrition Experts

Pet Nutrition Certification Program

At EarthWise Pet, we have built a one-of-kind pet nutrition training program for our staff and franchise owners.  All staff are encouraged to participate in our Pet Nutrition Specialist certification and at least one individual per store is encouraged to participate in our extensive Certified Pet Dietitian program.

The Certified Pet Dietitian certification is an advanced training program that educates learners on advanced canine and feline nutrition.  Program participants must complete hundreds of hours worth of coursework, readings, and examinations. 

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Raw Food (Frozen)

Our select Raw Frozen Diets are designed to mimic your pet’s natural ancestral menu. Raw Diets are minimally processed resulting in higher levels of natural nutrition.  High protein and low carbohydrate diets have customers reporting dramatic changes in their pet’s energy, skin and coat condition, and improved digestion with smaller pet waste. Our stores carry a number of nationally recognized and local brands depending on your specific market.  Store staff will be glad to take the time to educate you regarding the aspects of feeding your pet their natural diet in the form of raw frozen food.

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Dry Food

We research and evaluate Ingredients, Manufacturer Quality, and Value of all of our pet foods available for purchase in our stores.  Foods are meat-based and free of corn, wheat, animal by-products and artificial colors.  If your pet has sensitivities or special dietary needs, we carry and will help you select the most appropriate pet food.  If your pet doesn’t like his/her food, or it’s not working with their systems, bring it back.  We work with manufacturers that guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.  With the help of thousands of fellow pet owners providing feedback from their furry family members to our stores across the country, we can help you find the perfect product for your picky eaters.

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Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated

Many of the benefits of Raw diets coupled with the convenience of Dry can be found in our freeze-dried and dehydrated lines.  Our wide and growing selection of Freeze dried, Dehydrated and Air-dried food products are some of the highest quality pet diets available anywhere.  Adding water to our offerings allows you to quickly serve nutritious meals on demand.

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Wet Food

We love the extra moisture that our canned products provide to dogs and cats.  In fact, for those with cats and not feeding a raw diet, canned food is an essential part of the diet to prevent dehydration and reduce the risk of urinary tract issues.  We only carry products with high quality ingredients from some of the finest manufacturers.  These come in convenient sizes as well.  Looking for toppers to pair with your dry food, we can help!  If your pet has dietary restrictions such as low fat or urinary restrictions, come see us and we’ll find the appropriate products if at all possible.