Pet Self-Wash

Washing a pet in your home can be a cumbersome process for both you and your animal. You may have insufficient space to administer a proper bath, or there may be too many distractions in your home. If you're unable to wash your pet in your backyard, they can track mud and water all over your house. Home-bathing can take several hours and raise an animal's stress levels.

Bathing your pet does not have to be an inconvenience for you or your furry family member. In fact, it is one of the best bonding activities an owner can perform. EarthWise Pet Supply has everything you need to provide a gentle and calming self-wash. Your home bathroom is meant for people, but since we are committed to a pet-friendly environment, we have thought of everything when it comes to self-wash. Wash your pet in our provided areas, and insure a nurturing experience, with all sizes and breeds welcome.

Self-Wash Includes

  • Pet-safe gentle shampoos
  • All-natural products
  • Specialized options for health and skin concerns
  • Soft towels
  • Easy-to-use waist-high tubs with ramps
  • Brushes
  • Air dryers

At EarthWise Pet Supply, we remove the inconvenience and stress of bathing an animal at home. Ask your local store for assistance and details.