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EarthWise Pet Huntington Beach
8901 Atlanta Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA 92646
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Sun: 10:00 am-5:00 pm
Mon - Fri: 10:00 am-7:00 pm
Sat: 10:00 am-6:00 pm

About Huntington Beach

EarthWise Pet HB is proud to be a locally owned and operated pet supply store offering premium food products, full service grooming and self-wash stations!  Meet our team:

Katie & Matilda:  Since day one Matilda has been Katie's best friend and constant companion.  We know that pets are family members and it has been Katie's goal to understand and research the products that would be best for Matilda's and all of our cats and dogs overall health and wellbeing.  Matilda wears her title of Chief Barking Officer proudly and you will most likely find her behind the desk with Katie when you stop by the store!

Danny: As an owner of three dogs and an animal lover Danny knows how much love and care go into raising a happy and healthy pet.  Danny has seen firsthand with his dogs how important proper nutrition is and truly values the importance of a holistic approach to pet health.  You can usually find him behind the counter with one of his dogs Piper, Jupiter, or Zoey.

Jac: Jac is the store's self-proclaimed "Crazy Cat Lady"!  Her two cats, Spartacus and Gizzy our our feline product testers and her loveable Saint Bernard Matches is a regular at our Self-Wash.  Jac loves to work with customers who have "picky" cats.

Katrina: Katrina joined the EarthWise Pet HB team because she knows animals care about us endlessly, they are outrageously intelligent, and they can be our best friends!  Make sure you ask to see her picture of her dog Loki's new pink beard, compliments of our groomer, Tina.

Full Service Grooming:  We offer a full rage of grooming services including bath treatments with natural and hypoallergenic shampoos, simple or custom haircuts, nail trims, and ear cleaning. Baths start at $35 for dogs/ $60 for cats and Grooms start at $55 for dogs/ $70 for cats.  Prices are based on the weight of your pet and the condition of their coat and are subject to change.  Please feel free to call the store for a specific quote.  Appointments for bath and haircuts are recommended. Nail trims can be added on to your self-wash service or our grooming team can see you as a walk-in.  Please feel free to call the store at 657.204.2840 to confirm the groomer is in at the time you are looking to stop by.


Tina: Tina has been working in the pet industry for over ten years. She has been a walker, pet sitter, doggie daycare attendant, rescue/shelter volunteer and she's been professionally grooming both dogs and cats since 2012. Tina loves creating both new and classic cuts for all breeds; from poodle clips to Mohawks, you name it, she'll do it. She frequently attends seminars and trade shows to keep herself up to date on all the new products and services. Tina also specialize in color work (ears, tail, Mohawk, etc). In addition, Tina considers herself to be a compassionate groomer. She believes it is her job to make your pet feel like a trip to the groomer is like a spa day. 

Mildred: Mildred has worked in the pet industry for over twenty years.  She has been professionally grooming dogs and cats since 2010 and prior to that worked as a pet sitter, bather, and finisher.  Mildred has a passion for animal care and creative grooming, classic, Asian fusion styles, color, nail pawlish and embellishments such as rhinestones and feathers tickle her fancy! She regularly attends seminars and follows the latest industry trends. Most importantly, Mildred believes a pet's well being is always the most important part of the time they spend with her.

Self-Wash Stations:  When visiting our Self-Wash stations we will provide you with shampoo, conditioner, ear cleaner, brushes, towels, and a forced air dryer.  Our grooming team would also be happy to trim nails or express glands if they are in the shop during your visit.  Appointments are not needed but please feel free to call ahead to see if there is a tub open.  Our Self-Wash closes one hour before our retail space: M-F 6pm, Saturday 5pm, Sunday 4pm.

Premium Products:  All of us in the store believe in feeding our cats and dogs the BEST pet foods available.  Each of us feeds one or more foods found in our store and we pride ourselves on being able to work with each of our customers to understand the needs of their cats and dogs.  We enjoy working with you to put together a Holistic health plan for your pet and are excited to offer food products, supplements, toys, and grooming services that can be a part of your plan!

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